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Tuesday, August 23, 2016
1- Welcome Back Blog Post
Uhhh, Welcome back I guess? Not too sure how it's been so long but I have quite a few posts in the firing line and I really want to get back into the swing of things. I had a drafted post that basically went through my plans for the year of 2016 and some goals that I hoped to achieve. Now, I know that we are practically in the final stretch of the year but I thought I would still document what this year holds for me and let you know what I have coming up.


-2nd year of uni. What was meant to be an entire year has turned into me deferring semester 2 in favour of trying to find a teacher’s aide position and focussing on getting some prac (as well as the logistics didn’t line up with the Europe trip). I am going to do summer school to make up for lost time and hope to not fall too far behind.

-My first ever overseas trip! You guys will be hearing ALL about my travels as I have a lot of travel-ey posts coming up, including some tips, budgeting advice and ‘diary’ entries with photos. Trust me, you will be VERY sick of me talking about it soon (if you aren't already!)

-My 21st Birthday! I turned 21 on the 1st July but celebrated with family and friends before that with a few little lunches and dinners and whatnot. I was actually meant to have a little afternoon tea similar to last year’s celebrations but it got delayed because of weather and is still to be rescheduled so who knows if that will pan out.


Although I'm a huge list maker, I always struggle with the execution of my goals so I try not to put too much stress on myself but rather aim to at least make a dent in the ever-growing list.

-Get some experience teaching at a school, start with volunteer work which will hopefully turn into paid work at some point down the track. Try and get my foot in the door in at least a couple of schools.

-Become more motivated with my blog (well, we all saw how that turned out. Perhaps this can be a summer goal?)

-Make a YouTube video

-Complete at least something on my 'do it yourself' list

I think I might separate post a couple of the more practical goals into a 'summer bucket list' post in a few months’ time so hopefully I can work on these couple of things for now (especially the blog one?).

Anyway, as I said I have a few upcoming posts so hopefully I can kick my ass into gear and finish writing, editing and upload those. Let me know how your 2016 has been so far? What does it hold for you? Also what posts are your favourites to read? What do you want to see?

2- Welcome Back Blog Post

Caitie xx
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