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An Ode to my Childhood Favorites // 90s-00s Nostalgia

Friday, August 07, 2015
1- Nostalgia Blog Post- 90s Toys
Hey Guys,
Recently I was out in the shed grabbing something for my dad when I (in true Caitie fashion) got very distracted and somehow ended up browsing through my memory stuff. Some of you may be thinking 'Why on earth would she keep her memory box out in the shed instead of in her room?', and that, my dear readers, is because instead of the typical shoe box or perhaps drawer, I actually have 3 crates full of mementos (as well as a drawer in my bedroom). I am probably one of the most sentimental people I know and that results in me keeping A LOT of crap from my past. 
Anyway, I ended up going  through some stuff and slowly collected a pile of toys and such from my childhood that I think other people around my age might be able to remember from their own childhood. 
I could do so many posts as a nostalgia series and as I was taking photos for this post, I kept on thinking of more things that I was obsessed with when I was younger, but alas I decided to just keep it to the things that I still had tucked away. Let this be an ode to a few of my 'favorites' as a kid.

Viewfinder- I feel like these were a staple in most households and I am devastated that I cannot find my original one (I actually think it might have even been my Mums when she was a kid?), but I did manage to find the newer one, with the original films.
1- 90s Nostalgia Blog Post- Viewfinder
4- 90s Nostalgia Blog Post-Viewfinder
Gameboy- I was OBSESSED with my gameboy when I was about 12 and these games were some of my favorites. We had two between my sisters and I and they have been sitting in the shed untouched for about 8 years and no word of a lie, one of them not only turned on (albeit low battery) but worked just like I remember it!
5- 90s Nostalgia Blog Post- Gameboy
6- 90s Nostalgia Blog Post- Gameboy
7- 90s Nostalgia Blog Post- Gameboy
Polly Pocket- Again, a huge obsession for me throughout most of my childhood. I was so upset when we moved house and every single one of my polly pocket sets went missing, so a few years back Bryce tracked a bunch of them down online and surprised me with them for valentines day (much better than a bunch of flowers I think). The purple 'shop' one was my favorite (on the right).
8- 90s Nostalgia Blog Post- 90s Polly Pockets
9- 90s Nostalgia Blog Post- 90s Polly Pockets
10- 90s Nostalgia Blog Post- 90s Polly Pockets
Microbabies- My cousin and I used to play with these for hours on end. From memory, they basically just cry and move their legs up and down until you use the little bottle to feed it (or work out that you just need to press the button on its mouth, so use a skewer once you inevitably lose the bottle). I believe they used to have micropets too?
11- Nostalgia Blog Post-Microbaby
12- 90s Nostalgia Blog Post- Microbaby
The original Sims- Okay, no matter how many new versions EA games comes out with, NOTHING will beat the original. It had an absolute fabulous soundtrack (here's an 8 hour long video in case you need a refresher ;)), the 'Goths' were always ringing the doorbell, and there was a total of about 10 combinations for how your Sim could look. Oh, and I would ALWAYS make a family where I name all the sims after my friends. I would literally go through stages of playing this 8 hours straight everyday for a week, and then not touch it for months...there was no in between.
13- 90s Nostalgia Blog Post- Original Sims
14- 90s Nostalgia Blog Post- Original Sims
My first mobile phones- The silver one was my first ever phone that I got in year 5 for when I caught the bus home from school. I had $10 credit which genuinely lasted me an entire year because I didn't use it at all, and the battery lasted about 3 weeks. The pink one was a present for my 11th birthday and I truly thought it was the most advanced, coolest thing I had ever seen.
15- 90s Nostalgia Blog Post- First Mobile Phones
16- 90s Nostalgia Blog Post- First Mobile Phones
17- 90s Nostalgia Blog Post- 90s Toys
Hacky Sack- I mean, need I say more? An absolute staple in any kids school backpack in my opinion.
18- 90s Nostalgia Blog Post- Hacky Sack
Pet Rock- I think this particular one was from a project that I had in year 6 when we all made pet rocks and then had to document it's adventures. As you can see, mine had a fall while doing something dangerous, hence the head bandage. I used to look after eggs too. I would just draw faces on them and then 'look after them', carrying them around with me and using the furniture from other toys to make them bedrooms. I didn't find out that you are supposed to boil them until I had already smashed about 3 and kept making a huge mess on the carpet.
19- 90s Nostalgia Blog Post- Pet Rock
Man, I can think of so many more things that I loved when I was growing up, that I unfortunately no longer have- Tamagotchi, Tazoos, and Beanie Babies, just to name a few. 
Hopefully these photos had you reminiscing on the days of The Spice Girls and Furbies as much as it did for me!
-Caitie x
20 comments on "An Ode to my Childhood Favorites // 90s-00s Nostalgia"
  1. I loved this post! I'm a bit to young to remember most of this but I recently discovered all my old cameras and gadgets and that had me inspired to make a new blog post. ( PS can I come around and play harry potter on your game boy! ) :)

    1. So glad you enjoyed it! Yes, do it- and definitely link me if you do. Of course, anytime, it was seriously the best haha ;)


  2. Oh my god gameboys were the best, I remember when DS's and stuff started to come out and I couldn't play my gameboy games on them and I was heartbroken because gameboy games were also the best. Ah so many of these things were the best, I loved this post:)x

  3. Oh my god gameboys were the best, I remember when DS's and stuff started to come out and I couldn't play my gameboy games on them and I was heartbroken because gameboy games were also the best. Ah so many of these things were the best, I loved this post:)x

    1. Too true haha, the crappy graphics somehow seemed incredible to my 12 year old brain. Thanks Lovely xx

  4. I love the nostalgia of this! Looking at the phones reminded me of my first one and how I thought it was the height of technology too! X

  5. I used to play SIMS for hours on end too, even though I am about years older than you are.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  6. The Sims - I loved that game. I still do! haha

    1. Same- My little sister gets it out and every time I see her play it, I can't help myself! xx

  7. Wow after reading your post, the memories came flooding back.
    Loved your post!

    lisa | lisaxbeauty

    1. It's so so good to reminisce. So glad you liked it xx

  8. This is soooo nostalgic! I had so many of this things as well, I love finding boxes full of old memories like this!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. I'm so glad! I totally agree, it's the best xx

  9. I love this post!! I used to play The Sims all day long, it was my favourite pc game!! I also loved most of there things!!!!! Oh, all those memories!!!!

    Stop by my blog sometime!!


    Marianna | Lifestyle blog

  10. It's always fun to look back on childhood memories. I loved my Gameboys and I still play them sometimes to this day! Lovely post!
    xo Kiki

    1. I totally agree. I cannot believe how long the gameboys last! An iphone barely lasts two year...its crazy! xx

  11. OMG! Flipphones and gameboy! AAA this is so fun to read, thanks for sharing:) Do you want to support each other's blog by following each other?:) Please let me know if you do so I can follow you right back x