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Bondi Beach // Explore

Friday, August 21, 2015
What Caitie Did Bondi Beach Blog Post
On Sunday, Tiarney and I decided to go on a mini roadtrip (about an hour and a half away) to Bondi Beach for the afternoon. After taking a couple of wrong turns, we arrived and miraculously found 4 hours free parking right on the beach so we were stoked. We got out of the car and noticed some markets set up right next to the beach so we headed there first and wandered around, then set up for a picnic on the grass overlooking the beach. We wandered around for a while before heading back to the car.
We only then realized that we forgot to put a ticket on the windscreen so I was super relieved to find that I hadn't gotten a fine and literally 10 seconds after we jumped in the car, the ranger walked past checking the cars- talk about good timing!
Bondi is such a beautiful place and although it can be busy (especially on weekends), the people are friendly, the views are great and the general vibes are so nice. Hope you enjoy seeing a few photos from the day! x
1 - Bondi Markets
2-Bondi Markets
3-Bondi Markets Crepe Shop
We found a crepe stall and wanted to split one but I wanted homemade jam and Tiarney wanted nutella so we compromised and had both!
4-Bondi Markets Nutella & Jam Crepes

5-Bondi Markets Necklace Stand
These necklaces were so gorgeous but they were about $80 each and therefore way out  of our budget.
6 - Bondi Picnic Food
We grabbed some lunch from a fish n chip shop and after sitting down and having seagulls steal our calamari and chips while we set up the blanket, the food was more than slightly disappointing and we really wished we found somewhere else to buy food.
7 - Bondi Picnic Fish n Chips

8 - Bondi Picnic Deep Fried Mars Bar
Our first time trying deep fried mars bar! It looked gross and if the batter was nicer, it would have been quite yummy (although extremely rich)
9 - Bondi Picnic- Caitie
I bought these cool reflective sunnies from the markets for $30
10 - Bondi- Tiarney
11 - Bondi- Caitie & Tiarney
We may have had a bit of a selfie spree for a good 15 minutes
12- Bondi- Caitie & Tiarney
13 - Bondi- Feet
14 - Bondi- Tiarney with Graffiti Wall
Walking along the graffiti lined path right next to the beach
15 - Bondi- Graffiti
16 - Bondi- Caitie With Graffiti Dog
People passing by were laughing at us while we took this photo haha
17 - Bondi Skatepark
19 - Bondi- What Caitie Did
20 - Bondi- Graffiti Wall
21 - Bondi Beach
22- Bondi Icebergs Pool
The gorgeous pools next to the sea
23- Bondi- Caitie
24 - Bondi- Caitie & Tiarney
25- Bondi- Tiarney
26 - Bondi- Bike
27- Bondi- Drive Home Sunset
The sunset that we admired the whole way home
28- Bondi- Drive Home Sunset
-Caitie x
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  1. Incredible pictures! Looks like you had an amazing time, I'm a little jealous! I'd love to come to Australia one day and visit Bondi.