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What I've Been Up To // Life Update

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

So in lieu of the fairly large break I have had, I thought it might be nice to share a few of the things that have been making me happy and keeping me busy. I think this is going to be a pretty long one...

-So I am officially finished my first semester of my first year of Uni- WOOHOO! I don't go back until the 20th of July and am enjoying some time to relax. I didn't actually find the first semester too difficult and felt like the HSC (Australia's final year of schooling) was a lot harder,  although I'm sure it will speed up and get harder as we go along.

-I am house sitting for some friends for a few weeks which is a nice mix-up from daily life - plus they have American Netflix so I am currently binge watching my way through all the seasons of Orange Is The New Black after hearing so many good things about it. 
Orange is the New Black Pic

-Bryce and I went to the Sydney Vivid Festival this year (basically a gigantic light show spanning across the city for a few weeks) and I actually felt a little let down from last year...however I could put that down to running late, missing the water show/fireworks and a severe lack of navigational skills (oops). We still enjoyed walking around the city, and people watching in a busy city is always my idea of a good time.
Sydney Vivid Lights Building 2015
Sydney Vivid Lights Building 2015
Sydney Vivid Lights Opera House 2015
Sydney Vivid Lights Harbour Bridge 2015
Sydney Vivid Lights 2015
Caitie and Bryce at Sydney Vivid Lights 2015
Caitie and Bryce at Sydney Vivid Lights 2015

-We made it to a place called 'N2 Gelato', which I have wanted to try for ages so I was stoked. Basically they use liquid nitrogen to make the gelato and have really creative ways of serving it. We chose a Ferrero Rocher one which had a rice bubble chocolate layer for crunch on top, a chocolate gelato with hazelnuts and a syringe with chocolate ganache inside. No word of a lie, it tasted EXACTLY like the real thing. We also got mango which was pretty standard in my opinion but still really nice and fresh.
N2 Gelato Sydney
N2 Gelato Sydney
N2 Gelato Sydney- Ferrero Rocher & Mango

-A few weeks ago, my friend Jordan invited a few friends over to his house just to hang out and after some intense battles on Mario Cart, most people left and was just myself, Jordan, Bryce and another friend, Daniel. We ended up staying until 4am and I honestly haven't enjoyed conversation so much in a really long time. We chatted about everything from Zombie Apocalypse plans to our future plans and it was just so great to get real with friends.
-I don't know about the rest of the world but Australia has been blessed with some killer sunsets recently, as in, the ones that set the whole sky on fire. Isn't God incredible?
Beautiful Sunset
Beautiful Sunset 
-My little sister and I put on a 'cafe' at home and put together 3 breakfasts for our family, and then again the next morning for our neighbours (who had a birthday during the week). It was so much fun and such a good activity to do with a sibling.
At Home Breakfast "Cafe"
Tomatoes & Feta on Toast
Fruit Parfait
Fruit on French ToastAt home "cafe"

-I used up the last of my Green Living candle, which would be disappointing because it is such a beautiful candle to burn but half the enjoyment is once I clean it out and can use the beautiful jar for other things. It is currently housing some red frogs but after they are eaten (won't be long) I will probably keep some sort of jewellery, or maybe my Polaroids...
Green Living Candle

-Priceline brought out their skincare goody bag in June and I've got to say, I don't think they have ever had a bag full of such good value.
Priceline Skincare Goody Bag 2015
This is what I bought:
Priceline Skincare Goody Bag 2015
And this (and more which I forgot to include) was all the freebies:
Priceline Skincare Goody Bag 2015

-I've been LOVING catching up with friends in general. I met up with my friend Cassie for dinner at a newly opened Cuban restaurant and we chatted for hours before heading back to her house and chatting some more. Its always so nice to have people in your life who you can go months without even talking to and then see and it is as if no time as passed at all. 
Catchup with Cassie

-I actually ended up in hospital the day after my birthday with Appendicitis and am still recovering. Its actually kind of nice to have an excuse to remove myself from life for a week or so, but the pains are certainly not so great :(

I have a couple of birthday related posts coming up, so stay tuned for those!
-Caitie xx

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