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My 20th Birthday

Wednesday, July 08, 2015
Guys, I am officially no longer a teenager! On the 1st of July I turned 20 and had such a lovely time celebrating my birthday. I know this post is a little late (I actually ended up in hospital with appendicitis the day after my birthday which has definitely set me back a bit) but better late than never! I am going to do a separate post sharing all of the lovely pressies that I was spoilt with, but for now; here is how I celebrated!
Get ready for a whole bunch o' photos.
On the Friday Mum and I woke up at 4am and headed out to Sydney markets to grab some flowers to decorate the house and we managed to find a ton of gorgeous flowers that we made into bouquets at home. It was such a lovely experience and although I was super tired, it was definitely worth it to see behind the scenes of the Sydney florist industry.
Flowers from the Sydney Flower Market
Flowers from the Sydney Flower Market
All up, this whole lot of flowers cost us around $100 - absolute bargain!
On the Sunday before  my birthday (28th) I had an afternoon tea with some family and close friends where we played games and ate some of my favorite foods- it was such a great time and I haven't seen some of the guests in a really long time so it was so nice catching up. We played Heads Up (an app similar to charades), Pictionary (which I had surprisingly never played before), Spoons and enjoyed snacking all afternoon.
Birthday Cards in front of flowers
High tea sweet tiered platterHigh tea savoury tiered platter
High tea slice
High tea fruit flans
Afternoon tea playing pictionary
Afternoon tea food
Afternoon tea food flatlay
Afternoon tea cheese platter
Is there anything better than a good cheese platter?
Afternoon tea games table
Afternoon tea food
Afternoon tea food
Afternoon tea drink table
20th Birthday cake
They may not look that great, but my Mum's beef goulash pies are DELICIOUS! (and we got these adorable chalkboards from Kmart for $2 each!)
Tiarney and I
20th Birthday polaroids
On the day before my birthday I decided to treat myself to a wash, cut & blow-dry at the hairdressers and just as I was about to walk out the door, Mum surprised me with a gift voucher to get it all done which she had planned to give to me for my birthday before she even knew that I was getting it done beforehand! I decided to go for a big change and chop it shorter than I've ever had it before which I'm still not 100% sold on, but it feels so healthy and is really easy to look after so I'm loving that aspect. I didn't really get any nice 'before and after' photos but you can see the short hair in the following photos from my actual birthday.
I woke up on the 1st to pressies from Bryce and my family and then breakfast in bed (french toast with strawberries, banana and maple syrup) with freshly squeezed orange juice - a tradition in my family. 
20th Birthday breakfast in bed
After getting dressed and ready Bryce and I picked up Tiarney and we took the train into the city to go to 'The Grounds of Alexandria'. The Grounds is basically every instagrammers dream, with flowers stalls, various cafes, fresh donuts and gorgeous plants everywhere you look. 
The Grounds of Alexandria- EntranceThe Grounds of Alexandria- Sign
Caitie at The Grounds of Alexandria
The Grounds of Alexandria- FlowersThe Grounds of Alexandria- Flowers
The Grounds of Alexandria- Rainbow on Floor
The Grounds of Alexandria- Succulents
The Grounds of Alexandria- Fresh Donuts
The Grounds of Alexandria
The Grounds of Alexandria- Fresh Fruit
Caitie at The Grounds of AlexandriaThe Grounds of Alexandria- Outdoor area
 They even have a petting zoo with resident pig 'Kevin Bacon' and 'Turbo' the Shetland pony, as well as chickens and goats.
The Grounds of Alexandria- Petting Zoo
We ate lunch at 'The Potting Shed' which was themed as an actual shed/green house. There was tons of natural light, plants, and garden-y bits and bobs all around (water hoses to dispense the drinks behind the bar, shovel heads as plates and drinks served in pots anyone?).
The Grounds of Alexandria- The Potting Shed
The Grounds of Alexandria- The Potting Shed
The Grounds of Alexandria- The Potting Shed MenuCaitie and Bryce at The Potting Shed
The Potting Shed Interior
The Potting Shed Decorations
Caitie and Bryce at The Potting Shed
Caitie and Bryce at The Potting Shed
Bryce and I shared some garlic bread, some pork ribs, and a pulled pork burger with chips - all delicious! 
The Potting Shed Pulled Pork Burger
The Potting Shed Pulled Pork Burger
All three of us chose different drinks, I had a raspberry lemonade, Bryce a lemon lime bitters and Tiarney some type of citrus blend. The drinks were all made on site I believe and tasted so fresh.
The Potting Shed Drinks
While we were eating, one of the workers happened to sit at the bar next to us and brought Fluffy with him. Fluffy lives at The Potting Shed and is the most beautiful Macaw who was dancing, talking and eating out of the workers hand. After admiring for a while, the girl behind the bar offered for me to have a hold- it was awesome.
The Potting Shed Fluffy the Macaw
The Potting Shed Fluffy the Macaw
The Potting Shed Caitie and Fluffy the Macaw
On the way out we walked past the 'dog parking' area and I couldn't resist giving this adorable sausage dog some love!
The Grounds of Alexandria Sausage Dog
I had wanted to go to Bondi Westfield to do some shopping too but time seemed to go very fast and we only got a chance to have food and a stroll around.
On the way back to the train station we found a massive antique store which we had a quick look in.
Sydney Antique Shop
Sydney Antique Shop- Antique cash register
We headed back home and I had a package was waiting for me from the lovely Bec from Bec and Beauty whose giveaway I had won and she then sent it express so it would arrive in time for my birthday. I will include the goodies in my 'What I got for my Birthday' post but I was very excited to rip straight into it. She even included a little birthday card which was such a beautiful touch- Thanks Bec!
My family went out to a Lebanese restaurant for dinner and then I went back home to watch some more Orange is the New Black. 
20th Birthday Dinner
All in all, I had an absolutely lovely day and felt very special amongst all the birthday wishes and love from the people in my life.
Thanks to everyone who made it such a great day.
-Caitie xx
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  1. wow ! what a lots of cakes and flowers ! now all I want its to eat cakes ! happy birthday! great pictures by the way.

    1. What better time to eat WAY too much cake than your birthday ;) Thanks! xx

  2. It sounds like you had such a great few days, happy birthday! I love all your pictures (that sausage dog is adorable!)x

    1. Thanks so much! He was too cute, I wanted to take him home haha.

  3. Happy Birthday and I hope you are feeling much better now!
    Aleeha xXx

  4. Really impressed with such an exotic birthday arrangements. My husband just discussed about throwing a party on our son's first birthday. Looked various Venues in NYC suitable in terms of budget and location as well. Also not sure about dinner or luncheon to be planned for guests.