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Saturday, January 07, 2017

Some of my most treasured memories as a kid revolve around picking our own blueberries with my family at a little farm near my grandparents old holiday house and ever since growing up and learning that Bryce had never been to a pick-your-own farm I have been meaning to go back.
The farm that I used to go to had closed down but we found one about 40 minutes west of Batemans Bay and decided to make a road trip out of if. It was reasonably last minute and when we found 2 days together that we both had off work we pounced on the opportunity and decided to pencil it into our calendars. Fast forward to Monday afternoon at 3pm (we had planned to leave as soon as I finished my last day being a teachers aide at the school I work at) and we still had no idea where we were going to stay.
We figured it would be too dark by the time we arrived  to set up a tent (keeping in mind we had a 4 and a half hour drive ahead of us) so we resorted to the idea that we'd just sleep in the car. Of course, Mum was less than impressed by that idea (we could be kidnapped of course...) and insisted that she pay for a little cabin by Lake Toubourie. We set off, road trip snacks in tow and arrived at about 8pm, set down our things and headed out to the local golf club for a classic steak and chips for dinner followed by a walk along the beach. It was so lovely and we both agreed that there is something so unexplainably relaxing about being near the ocean.
The following day we made the further hour and a half trip to the farm after breaky at a local cafe, only to have it be the hottest day that December has seen in 115 years...wonderful. We were the only ones on the farm which meant we had our pick of the crop and after filling our containers with over 2kg of delicious blueberries we headed back to the little shop and bought some mixed berry ice cream which I think was probably the nicest ice cream I've ever eaten. We headed home and although our trip was short and sweet it was definitely added to my list of memories that make me happy.
Enjoy some photos that we took!

Caitie xx
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