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10 Fun Date Ideas

Thursday, November 05, 2015
Fun Date Ideas Blog Post
Hey Guys,
I thought seeing as though it's so easy to get stuck in a rut, especially with date night/day I would write up a little list of some ideas that shake things up a bit to hopefully give you some ideas!
Date Ideas- Geocaching
1. Geocaching
For those who have never heard of Geocaching, it's basically a treasure hunt that has 'caches' hidden all over the world. You buy the app and then search for the geocaches near you, and follow the map/directions to find it. The actual geocaches can be anything really- I have found ones as big as army barrels and ones as small as a 5c coin. The fun is in finding them (and doing so discreetly because the rules of the hunt are to not let any "muggles" work out what you are doing) but if you do want to take something (they can be filled with all sorts of random stuff), you have to put something else in. It's really fun and there are a lot more around you than you think!
Date Ideas- Hidden or Secret Bar in Sydney
 The Barber Shop, Sydney. Image Soure
2. Secret/Hidden bars
A quick google search and I found an abundance of "secret" bars and even restaurants in Sydney alone so just do a bit of research and find some of the best ones around you. Some require a password, some hidden beneath ordinary shops and some in quiet alleys with no signage. I really enjoy the adventure of searching and when you are with your partner it only makes it better! Go out with a basic plan of which one/s you want to find and enjoy the night even if it doesn't go to plan (some of the best nights start with a foiled plan).
Date Ideas- Picnic at a lookout
Date Ideas- Picnic at a lookout
3. Picnic at a lookout
Food and a great view, how on earth could that go wrong!? Bonus points if you make the food at home together before setting out to find a location.
Date Ideas- Indoor Rock Climbing
4. Indoor Rock Climbing
It's reasonably cheap, gets you active, is challenging and is great for a rainy day. Maybe even follow up with frozen yogurt or ice-cream (I know, this kind of defeats the whole "get active" part but oh well).
Date Ideas- Drive In Movies
5. Drive-Ins
I did want to avoid the movies as an option but this is still mixing it up. Where I live there is actually a drive in cinema that has a 50s themed diner with it, so grab a burger and watch a movie. Bonus points if you have a ute and deck it out with pillows and doonas. I actually find that this is about 3 times cheaper than 'normal' cinemas too. If you don't have drive-ins then just try and find something a little out of the ordinary. Maybe a Beanbag Cinema? Gold Class? Get creative! Maybe even look at hiring a projector and set up a cinema in your own backyard with a sheet.

6. Creative/Art Day
Buy some cheap paints (kids poster paints are probably best considering you will likely get it on skin and need to wash it off) and some big sheets of paper and get to work. Painting in general is so relaxing so doing it with the person you love only makes it better. Even better, ditch the paint brushes and opt for your hands instead, getting messy is half the fun! Plus you will have an artwork as a keepsake which is nice.
Date Ideas- Spa Night
7. Spa Night
Treat yo' selves! Pull out the face masks, moisturizer and a good movie and just chill out. I know this may seem kind of odd for some people and maybe this isn't the best for a first date but I assure you this is so much fun and really relaxing and any guy who tells you he doesn't enjoy a bit of a pamper is lying haha.
Date Ideas- Maze, Sydney
Amaze 'n' Place, Alstonville Image Source
8. Maze
I feel like there is something quite romantic about the whole setting and although I have yet to go to this one, it's on my summer bucket-list (thinking of doing a blog post with my bucket-list soon).

9. Restaurant Crawl
Start at one restaurant for entree, another one for main and another one for dessert. This probably works best in the city or somewhere you could walk to each place but it just adds a little something extra to the classic dinner date. Try and look for places that are known for that particular course and get a taste of 3 restaurants in one night!

10. Escape Room Puzzle Game
This one is actually best done as a double, triple or even quadruple date. Most cities have some type of escape room and they are basically like puzzle rooms where you have to solve problems in order to "complete" (and escape) the room. Similar to the maze- I have never done this myself but it is on my list and I've heard great things about it from other people.

Hopefully this little compilation has given you a couple of ideas to fill your weekend. Comment some of your best date ideas- I'd love to hear them! 

Caitie xx
4 comments on "10 Fun Date Ideas"
  1. These are such amazing ideas! I can't believe I've never heard of Geocaching before, sounds like a blast!

    I just found your blog and am so glad I did :) The salted caramel milkshake recipe had me sold (I am kinda obsessed with salted caramel...). It looks divine!

    xx Carina

    1. Thanks Lovely- It is so much fun, try it!

      I just checked out your blog and love it, that stranger danger dinner is such a cool idea!

      Caitie x

  2. These are really great ideas, I'm the most intrigued by geocaching though, I've never heard of it before, I'll definitely be checking it out.

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